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HELP! Is my Dometic refrigerator door a left or right handed swing?


How do I determine whether my door is a right or left hand door swing? Is it determined by which side of the refrigerator the door handle is? Or maybe it's the hinge? Is it based on me facing the refrigerator head on or is it from the refrigerator's perspective? I open my right hand hinged door with my right hand, help!? 

This can be especially confusing when you are looking to replace door handles on certain models, as it all depends on which way your door swings!

Well, let's solve this once and for all…

A right hand door:

When facing the refrigerator, the hinges are on the right and the door handle is on the left.

A left hand door:

When facing the door, the hinges are on the left and the handle is on the right.

If after reading this blog, you are still confused, or if you would like to ask some questions in regards to ordering a door or door handle, please feel free to email us and we would be happy to help! 

Make sure you include your model number and your refrigerators product number, as we can't help you without it!

Thanks for reading!

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